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Explore our exclusive selection of katanas andswords, combining tradition and superior quality...see more

Katanathe samurai sword

The samurai (侍) are at the heart of Japanese history. For nearly seven centuries ...see more
Exclusive #Terressens
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Sharpened Katana Samurai Rōnin

SharpKatana...see more

Exclusive #Terressens
Ref. 0597, 0598 and 0599 (in stock) Ref. 0597, 0598 and 0599 (out of stock)

"Saruta-hiko" (猿田彦), iaïto (iaitō, unsharpened training katana), 3 blade lengths

Training Katana ...see more

Ref. 0537 (in stock) Ref. 0537 (out of stock)

Wakō, collectible katana (倭寇 Japanese pirate or bandit)

Katana decoration ...see more

- Katana, the samurai sword: #Terressens collection -
Who hasn't dreamed of one day being that knight, slayer of dragons, hero of the battlefields ...see more
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Customized medieval / Templar sword #Terressens

Forged medieval sword...see more

Ref. 0546 (in stock) Ref. 0546 (out of stock)

"Justice" medieval forged sword

Medieval sword ...see more

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Medieval armor camail

Piece of armor ...see more

Carriers of values, faithful to their commitments and proud of their faith, such were the Knights Templar...see more
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Commander's sword

Forged medieval sword...see more

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Baussant, symbolic Templar dagger

Collector's dagger ...see more

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Templar black helmet

Knight's helmet ...see more

Let us dream... because it is by escaping from our daily lives that we are able to more
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Excalibur, King Arthur's sword, with wall bracket

King Arthur's Sword ...see more

Ref. 0520 (in stock) Ref. 0520 (out of stock)

Witcher's Sword

Collector's sword ...see more

Ref. 0602 (in stock) Ref. 0602 (out of stock)

Aragorn's reforged sword, Andúril (Lord of the Rings)

Collector's sword ...see more


Ref. 0431

Custom engraving

Return your more

Ref. 0426

Custom engraving

Surrender your more

Ref. 0527 to 0530

Give a gift

Treat your guests to ...see more

The reading corner

"L'arc et le sabre: imaginaire guerrier du Japon", Vincent Lefèvre and Aurélie Samuel

Reproductions of prints and photographs from the Musée Guimet on the subject of Japanese samurai. Based on this iconography, the diversity and complexity of their status in...see more
Publication date: June 23, 2021
Exhibition at the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet in 2022

► Buy the book (link paid by Amazon)

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Franck Chambeyron ()
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what can I say more than for me it is a happiness to buy on the site of E commerce of # TERRESSENS directed by the BIG BOSS and very sympathetic MR PHILIPPE CONTAL so much of good exchange since a few months that I await my 20th part in pre-order a katana ninja known as "LE FURTIF" which moreover is armed with a cane sarbe too impatient to receive it then in waiting I prepare its setting in situation.
Sincerely Mr chambeyron franck.

Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
TANNHAUSER THOR - Local Guide - Level 5 ()
Comunicación excelente . Tienda muy recomendable . Trato e información exquisita . Aún no me ha llegado el artículo, pero sospecho que magnífico en toda su extensión .
Translation: Excellent communication. Highly recommended store. Exquisite treatment and information. I have not yet received the item, but I suspect it is beautiful in its entirety.

Larry ()
Trustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot Reviews
Superb sword sent very quickly (ordered on Tuesday, received on Friday). The package arrived damaged but the product is in perfect condition with beautiful engravings, I recommend!

customer ()
Trustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot Reviews
The sword is magnificent
The sword is magnificent, the customer service is attentive and the turnaround time is incredible.

customer ()
Trustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot ReviewsTrustpilot Reviews
Order a very high quality katana...
Ordered a very high quality katana. Very fast and responsive service.

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