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At the crossroads of modernity and tradition, 2.0 and history, #Terressens conveys a message of knowledge, sharing, ethics and passion.
We have chosen to select quality products with a real historical dimension, to support projects that highlight our heritage, and to publish articles that open up the knowledge and rediscovery of history.
The samurai (侍) are at the heart of Japanese history. For almost seven centuries (1185 - 1867), they dominated society. Of all their attributes, these warriors cherished above all their two swords: the katana (刀) and the wakizashi (脇差). Together, they form a daishō (大小). Together with the short sword, the tantō (短刀), these three swords are the main symbols of the samurai. For specialists and enthusiasts, the katana is the sharpest weapon that has ever existed.
Exclusively, rediscover the spirit of the samurai with #Terressens, by listening to our "Samurai & Katana" playlist.
Exclusive #Terressens

Ref. 0576 (in stock) (out of stock)

Katana "Musha shugyō" (武者修行), Shihozume forge, selective tempering, ito and dark red sageo

Sharp katana, Shihozume forge (steels 1045 / 1060 / 1095), genuine hardening line (hamon 刃文), hand-sharpened, with scabbard (saya 鞘)... View more

Exclusive #Terressens

Ref. 0597, 0598 and 0599 (in stock) (out of stock)

"Saruta-hiko" (猿田彦), iaïto (iaitō, unsharpened training katana), 3 blade lengths

Training Katana, unsharpened Maru 1045 steel blade, rounded tip, three blade lengths: 65.5, 68.5 and 70.5 cm

Ref. 0537 (in stock) (out of stock)

Wakō, collectible katana (倭寇 Japanese pirate or bandit)

Decorative Katana with two Kozukas (小柄 knife), marine and pirate decorations, delivered in a black and red cloth-covered box.

- Katana, the samurai sword: #Terressens collection -
Who hasn't dreamed of one day being that knight, dragon slayer, battlefield hero, battle-hardened fighter, strategist and visionary, feared and loved? A period of renewal and discovery, a precursor of commercial and intellectual revolutions, the Middle Ages are a formidable playground for those who know how to open their minds to passions, great epics, commitment and history. From King Arthur to the Knights Templar, thesword has always been the hallmark of the knight. Handed down from father to son, offered by the lord, dedicated to a cause, its symbol has travelled through time to reach you today. And because there's more to the Middle Ages than fighting, let us take you on a journey of discovery through books, castles and places to visit.
#Terressens is here to accompany you on your journey of discovery, passion and meaning. Enter our world and dream with us.

Ref. 0504 (in stock)(out of stock)

"Crusade" forged sword

Medieval fighting sword, octagonal pommel with red cross, throat blade, brown and black leather scabbard with adjustable shoulder strap

Ref. 0546 (in stock) (out of stock)

"Justice" medieval forged sword

Forged medieval European estoc sword, XIVᵗʰ / XVᵗʰ century, brass guard and pommel, natural horn handle, wood and leather scabbard with belt decorated with a griffin and chimeras

Ref. 0449 (in stock) (out of stock)

Medieval armor camail

Piece of medieval butt-knitted armor (capuchon de mailles)

Carriers of values, faithful to their commitments and proud of their faith, such were the Knights Templar. Lions in war, lambs in peace, warrior monks, protectors of pilgrims, guardians of relics, guarantors of financial transactions, managers of estates... they were all this and much more. Beyond the legends, they contributed to the greatness of their time, leaving an indelible mark on history. Join us as we follow in their footsteps. Choose your equipment, your sword. Imagine yourself a knight or a master. Be inspired by their values, nourished by their exploits. Read, visit, dream... this world is yours.
#Terressens is proud to offer you swords and shields, helmets and gauntlets, books and videos to pay tribute to these valiant fighters and promote their ethics through time.

Ref. 0567 (in stock) (out of stock)

Commander's sword

Forged medieval sword, circular pommel with red Templar cross, throat blade, brown and black leather scabbard with adjustable shoulder strap.

Ref. 0434 (in stock) (out of stock)

Templar sword, black scabbard

Decorative sword with Templar seal (pommel), knights, griffins, shield and Templar crosses

Ref. 0439 (in stock) (out of stock)

Templar black helmet

Collectable Templar knight's helmet

Let us dream... for it is by escaping from our everyday lives that we are able to create and innovate. We don't lock ourselves into a sclerotic vision of history, and we make imagination a universe in its own right. Only one universe? It's up to you to discover it!

Ref. 0443 (in stock)(out of stock)

Excalibur, King Arthur's sword, with wall bracket

King Arthur's sword, with wall bracket (decorative model)

Ref. 0520 (in stock)(out of stock)

Witcher's Sword

Collector's sword to wear on the back, stainless steel center-groove blade, metal and resin guard, handle and pommel, wood, leather and metal scabbard with adjustable lanyard.

Ref. 0602 (in stock) (out of stock)

Aragorn's reforged sword, Andúril (Lord of the Rings)

Collector's sword in steel and cast metal, engraved pommel and blade, delivered with resin and metal scabbard.


Ref. 0431

Custom engraving

Make your katana, wakizashi, tantō or iaitō unique with laser-engraved customization of its blade

Ref. 0426

Custom engraving

Make your sword or dagger unique by laser-engraving its blade.

Ref. 0527 to 0530 (available)

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The reading corner

"L'arc et le sabre: imaginaire guerrier du Japon", Vincent Lefèvre and Aurélie Samuel

Reproductions of prints and photographs from the Musée Guimet on the subject of Japanese samurai. This iconography examines the diversity and complexity of their status in Japanese history, particularly during the Edo period (1603-1868). The warrior lord contributed to the emergence of a new... Read more
Publication date: June 23, 2021
Exhibition at the Musée national des arts asiatiques - Guimet in 2022

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Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
Marc Lelem - 12 contributions (September 2023)
Very surprised by the quality of the workmanship, fast delivery (2 days), and very quick response by e-mail (got back to me even on Sunday!).
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Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
Jessica Ferrari - 48 contributions (September 2023)

Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
van vlierbergen anita - 9 contributions (september 2023)
This day I received my sword, with engraving as well as the sword holder and the scabbard.
Well protected parcel
When I opened it, I was moved and pleasantly surprised.

Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
Bastien Mathé - 1 contribution (September 2023)
Nikel very patient and very kind the katakana in question is superb there is nothing to complain about and the price is more than correct. I recommend 👍🏻

Customer reviews #Terressens on Google
Jacques Savigny - 1 contribution (September 2023)
Just received my katana, I don't even dare touch it anymore.!!!!!
What a beautiful sword, refined, hyper aesthetic, and laser engraving everything is ok for me +++
Highly recommend this company.
Go there without shame!
A HAPPY customer.
Best regards. 👍😁👍😁

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